Angry Birds 2 is an upcoming puzzle game developed by Rovio Entertainment, and it’s the second game in the long-running Angry Birds series and possibly the third in the series altogether. It’s a mobile-phone game with screen-scraping functionality and multiple levels, including ” Angry Birds World” and ” Angry Birds: Canyon.” You control a flight of birds using the touch screen and a variety of controls, including holding up a finger to make a left turn, tapping a screen to lower the altitude and tapping a screen to increase the size. The controls are very easy to understand, and your progress is saved to your game account to continue where you left off later. It’s not a walkthrough book but instead provides enough information to get you started without requiring a great deal of knowledge of the game. It’s available for free, so there’s no reason not to try it out.

Like the first Angry Birds, you’re an adventurer who crashes a small plane full of treasure on a mysterious island. Your goal is to rescue every character you can find and return to earth. It’s up to you to use everything from your inventory of food, weapons, and upgradeable items to solve puzzles and unlock special areas and power-ups. What makes Angry Birds 2 a unique puzzle video game is that you’re allowed to explore the island while avoiding obstacles and enemies which will attack you.

The graphics are stylized cartoon graphics, similar to those of the first Angry Birds game. The colors are more vibrant and cartoon-style, although I think the female Angry Birds look particularly cute. The action is frantic and frequent, and the special power-ups and weapons make playing Angry Birds 2 that much more exciting. Among my favorites are the flying pigs (slingshot), the homing pigeons (precision) and the apple dropping pigs (multi-colored magic element).

In Angry Birds 2, you earn coins by winning fights in the playground and can then use these coins to purchase upgrades and weapons for you and your character. For example, you can buy a flying eagle to fly around above and attack enemies for you. If you lose a battle, you lose coins, but you can quickly purchase more to purchase upgrades. The coins are generally earned by winning matches against enemy players, although some are earned through completing the daily challenge. If you want to acquire more than one bird to take on the daily challenge, the daily leader pig allows for that as well.

New to this game is the ability to personalize your character with new outfits. New wardrobe items include shirts with pockets, jeans, jumpsuits, jackets, and more. You can even buy your character name! One of the latest features in Angry Birds 2, this addition provides a way to express your personality a little more, which is certainly important when playing this game for extended periods.

The graphics and effects are a bit less spectacular than the first film, but they still manage to capture the essence of the cartoon charmingly. The new characters, setting, and story are a lot of fun to play along with, especially the new characters. I especially like that the Angry Birds sequel now uses the zoom lens to zoom in and out of the screen to inspect different areas of the play area.

Video game news sites tend to rate games based on how much fun they are to play or how many times they are updated with new content. This game has received a lot of buzzes because it is not a traditional video game where you have to do a ton of work or problem-solve to succeed. You play an idle video game in this game, tapping away at the screen to avoid falling trees and destroying everything in your path. As you kill stuff, more particles are released, and the overall action is much more frantic and entertaining than the first Angry Birds film. I especially like that the second Angry Birds film has added more elements of fun to the game – the unlock system, bonus levels, and new characters are all designed to keep you playing for longer periods.

If you enjoyed the first film, then you will love Angry Birds 2. I especially like that this game feels like an interactive movie, as it flows from one level to another. It is very easy to pick up and start playing immediately, and it gets increasingly difficult the more you play. Plus, the graphics and sounds have improved, making this game feel as if it is truly meant to be played on a big screen TV. Playing Angry Birds 2 right now is truly a great way to kill some time, as it is well worth the money you’ll pay for it.

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