Asphalt Nitro is, without a doubt, an amazing racing video game. It certainly packs all the intensity and speed of the Asphalt series in only a tenth of its normal size, which certainly is an incredible technical achievement for such a well-designed and entertaining game. But what makes Asphalt Nitro so great is the excellent design, implementation and use of the latest graphical technology. We’ll take a closer look at all this.

As you can imagine, Asphalt Nitro has everything to excite any fan of high-definition racing. The game’s introduction is set in a courtroom with the main character, after his long and grueling battle against his opponent, i.e., the racer called B.O.B., who happens to be well-aware of what the judges will decide, and thus he uses all kinds of tricks and equipment to win the race. The race starts with very slow speeds and gradual acceleration so that you have the chance to become accustomed to driving the Asphalt Nitro car and gain experience at driving it on actual tracks.

Asphalt Nitro features some of the best graphics on the market, and the effects are jaw-dropping. The cars look real, and the speed is consistent, with no need for slowdown for minor bumps or potholes on the race tracks. Even the hills that you pass cause the cars to go fast, so that you need to get used to driving and controlling them. The full view is done in 3D so that you get a whole new feel for real driving and enjoy the thrill of taking another look at your favorite racing venues from above.

As you race through the various tracks, you earn points, and it’s up to you to convert these points into high scores. The first few races can be quite easy, but as you progress, the races become harder and more complicated, with sharper curves and greater jumps. You will find that you cannot do quite as well on some of the easier courses, but you should be able to make up for it by mastering the others. The difficulty levels are adjusted according to the number of times you’ve played the game so that it never becomes too easy or too difficult. Even if you haven’t touched a race track since your youth, Asphalt Nitro still provides hours of entertainment.

In Asphalt Nitro for Android, you have the choice of selecting between two different play modes – Vs. the computer (or other players online) and versus the track with the green light system. You can also take part in pit road challenges, where you are allowed to show off your driving skills with the aid of an equally spectacular screen demonstration.

The Asphalt Nitro mobile game also allows you to select from three different control schemes, including the standard steering wheel and analog stick controls, as well as a more advanced drift mode. Each project has a different level of accuracy and responsiveness and a diverse selection of tunes. For example, in drift mode, the Asphalt Nitro trucks must always maintain a certain speed to remain on top of the drifting tracks.  the trucks need to make sharp turns at specific points in the racecourse, and the arc must be quick enough to prevent the car from colliding with another vehicle or contradicting itself. Once the trucks manage to cross the finish line without crashing with anything, they earn a second, third and fourth try!

Asphalt Nitro for Android offers all of the typical features of Asphalt games, including the exciting multi-player mode. You can race against the computer or against other players, who can either be online friends or competitors in the Nitro Games tournament. The touch drive technology allows you to play the game using a tap of the screen and a variety of other controls. When playing multi-player games versus opponents, you are permitted to use the touchpad to make turns and use the left and right arrows to steer your Asphalt Nitro truck. There is also an option to play using only the keyboard or the mouse.

Some versions of Asphalt Nitro for mobile allow you to use the same version of Asphalt as you would if you were to purchase and download the full version for desktop. Other versions of Asphalt Nitro for android work better with low-end devices and require you to download the latest version of the game to work with your device. However, Asphalt Nitro for mobile performs extremely well with most high-end smartphones, including the iPhone and Android OS 4.3. If you are an avid Asphalt player, you will find Asphalt Nitro for mobile a must-have application that you can enjoy using on any android smartphone.

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