My Talking Tom is a unique virtual pet app that allows players to interact with a talking avatar. In the My Talking Tom world, your avatar is Thomas the Tank Engine, and you help him reach his destination in the most efficient way possible. Thomas is powered by special tiles which move along the tracks you lay them. The more you make Thomas run, the more energy he has, and when he runs out of fuel, his special tiles are replaced by power cells. There are many features in My Talking Tom for kids, including customizing your avatar, playing with a friend, sending messages, and receiving messages from your friends.

My Talking Tom is like the popular messaging game Tom and Friends, where you interact with a human character through text. In the case of My Talking Tom, Thomas is powered by special tiles that move along the tracks you lay them on, replacing them with energy cells. Each time you make Thomas run, the tiles become new and, in turn, return old ones. This causes the game to become addictive – once you see how easy it is to level up and add energy to your Tom, you will be hooked!

To play the game, you must use your arrow keys to create your avatar. A simple childlike drawing is used initially, and you can stretch and rotate the image to change its shape. Using the mouse, you then select your friend that has appeared on the screen earlier. When you click on the avatar, Thomas the Tank Engine appears, and you start talking to him. The conversation affects Thomas and his friends and can even get them into trouble! You can view the latest progress on your friend end using the ‘profile’ feature and view yours in the upper right corner of the game window.

My Talking Tom is Free to play on both iPhone and iPad. It requires a Facebook account to be used on the app. A Facebook account is required to sign up for the Friend Feed, so My Talking Tom is a multi-faceted game. There are over 20 different levels to the game, and each one introduces new content by adding another avatar and changing the conversation topic. There are also bonus challenges available, such as a time limit or a task within a time limit. The difficulty increases rapidly as you advance to the next level.

My Talking Tom is very simple to use, and the controls do not overload the screen with information. The avatar can be moved around using the arrow keys, and the text can be viewed easily using the touch screen. The overall navigation is not as robust as other Facebook games, but this does not matter considering the limited screen space provided.

The social aspect of My Talking Tom is limited to the closest friends of the player. If they log out of the application, the chat function ceases to function. This limitation means that you may have to keep an eye on your Facebook and Twitter accounts to keep in touch with your many friends. My Talking Tom supports multiplayer, but currently, this is not available in the UK or any other country outside of Australia.

My Talking Tom also has several other fun features but requires more focus and attention than the avatar. These include, but are not limited to, a photo album, a photoshop, and an item shop. These features are fun but require the My Talking Tom player to be online and active to work properly.

My Talking Tom may not be as popular as the other MySpace avatars, but it does have its benefits. My Talking Tom is easy to use and provides an easy way to communicate with your friends while having fun. It does not have as many features as the others, but it is still worth checking out if you have never used a My Talking Tom avatar before. The My Talking Tom website does not have many reviews listed, but this doesn’t mean that they are not good, as many people enjoy playing these games on MySpace.

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