Angry Birds Friends is an online puzzle game and the third game in the Angry Birds series. It was released and developed by Rovio Entertainment, a company known for its Angry Birds games. The game is based on the popular cartoon series of the same name and made available as an iPhone application. The game can be played free of charge and is also compatible with the iPod Touch.

If you like watching funny games, then this game is for you. Your objective is to stop the evil Doctor Seuss from releasing all the animals in your garden into the wild. There are five levels to every level, and all the stories have a variety of tasks and challenges to complete. Can use the in-app purchases to purchase power-ups for the different birds in your collection.

The power-ups are very cheap, but you will notice that every time you collect a feather, it will make a different screen jump, so you need to order more than one feather to use them. When you first start playing, the power-ups are not that exciting, but as you progress through the game, the power-ups will become more useful. It is worth buying the in-app purchases because they can be used even if you already have some collected feathers.

Two of the power-ups included in the iPhone version of Angry Birds are the Grunt and the Star Cup. The Grunt is like the tractor which collects power-ups along the way. The Star Cup is like a bowling ball, and it will change colors when it passes through different points. The iPhone version allows the user to tap on a bird to make it change color. Some of the power-ups are also purchasable in the mobile version. The mobile version removes most of the bugs that were present in the desktop version.

In addition to the power-ups, there is also a classic game called Angry Birds, where you have to kill birds with its bombs. The mobile version has slightly different rules compared to the classic game. The classic game has a time limit, and you have to kill all birds with one bomb each time. The app doesn’t have any time limit, and you have to ensure that you kill as many birds as possible within a certain time.

  Can buy the power-ups from the app, and you can even use them straight out of the screen. The most common item that is used by power-ups in the classic game is the purple apple. You can purchase the green apple, which gives your character the power to fly. The green apple changes color as you use it, so you have to collect more to become the happy pig. The more green apples you order, the more colorful the pig will be.

You can use the power-up, which makes the purple apple turn into the dragon into a fire-breathing pig. It’s really fun to control the character, and it looks like you are flying.  If you buy this, you will turn your pig into a lead. There are no limits to how many stars you can get. You also need to purchase the wreath background, which looks like a house, and the red and green wreath background makes it look like the Easter bunny.

In conclusion, Angry Birds is really popular on mobiles and not just because of the classic game. There are many competitions held for Angry Birds on Facebook. As a result of these tournaments, people are constantly making new versions of the Angry Birds games and adding new features into the Angry Birds games, and these features include the wreath background, power-ups and trophies.

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