Do you want to play a cool casual game with your friends at home? Do you always end up on the couch or the patio when your other half wants to have a good fun board or card? You need to understand that playing games together can be a great way to strengthen your relationship and encourage people to talk to each other more. Here are some ways in which you can play together more often:

Play Minigames or Virtual World Games When you have a fun time online, you will inevitably stumble upon websites that offer free minigames or virtual world games. If you have ever surfed the Internet, you are probably quite familiar with most of these websites. A popular virtual world game would probably be Pokemon minigames. There are thousands of different kinds of Pokemon games available, so you should have no trouble finding one that interests you. If you want to get even more enjoyment from having fun online, you can try other trivia and brainteasers available on the Web. You can also play arcade games and try your hand at several gambling games.

Customize Your Social Space Want to make your social life more dynamic? Then you should try playing Kaia Island, a free online casual game where you and your friends can customize their avatars, fight each other, and build homes, restaurants, and farms in an open-world style environment. If you want to make your avatar, you can use a pre-made one by downloading one from the website, or you can choose a new face for your avatar that is already available. Players can also customize their avatars using clothing choices, hairstyles, facial expressions, and body types to create a unique avatar for themselves.

Play Together on Social Networking Sites With the rise of social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace; players can create and join groups that they feel will interest them. For example, Facebook now allows people to invite their friends to join them in a “hookup” or “match”, just as they do on dating sites. These social matchmaker type games will allow players to find prospective mates through referrals, friends of friends, or random. On MySpace, players can play together in minigames such as freeze tag and speedball.

Play Together Against Others On Any Device No matter what kind of device you have; you can still enjoy a free online casual game developed by a mobile game developer. The title play together allows you to battle it out with friends from all over the world. In this title, you and your friends can pit your wits against each other in four-player head-to-head battles. The game provides simple controls so that anyone can enjoy playing it regardless of their skill level.

Endless Sandbox A new addition to the Play Together series, Endless Sandbox will be heading to IOS and Android shortly. This casual title has players take control of an army of soldiers and send them into an endless desert landscape to conquer castles and continue their mission. Players will also have the option of sending in reinforcements to further their mission and extend their reach. As you destroy more castles, you will move up to the next level, and the action will become more intense.

Seoul vs Japan A pre-register title developed by Seoul vs Japan is another collaboration title between Chunsoft and produce the two most trusted mobile game developers in Asia. In this game, gamers will choose between two teams to eliminate the other team’s capital before time runs out. Players can choose to be one of the neutral international players or the Japanese aggression squad. Players will not only have a chance to show off their skill across the globe, but they will also get an opportunity to hone their combat skills against one of the best fighters known to man, Seoul. This competitive title will be heading to IOS and Android very shortly.

Ferris Wheels: Gold Rush A new collaboration title developed by Chunsoft and Korean Air, players will need to explore the world of Ferris Wheels and learn how they became so popular in just a short period. Players will earn money throughout their gameplay and can collect as many of the coins as possible. The coins are made by collecting points from various minigames, including Pimp my Ride and Ferris wheels. As you progress through the game, you will also unlock special costumes and power-ups for your vehicles, allowing you to enjoy the ride even more. With new cars, achievements and leaderboards to challenge you, the addictive action will keep you coming back to play along.

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