Zombie Tsunami is the newest side-scrolling endless runner video game to hit the Android Market. Developed by French company Mobigame, Zombie Tsunami is an exciting side-scrolling infinite runner game based on the popular anime and manga series ” Zombie.” Zombie Tsunami features the anime’s main hero, Zombie Thor, and Agri’s faithful iron fist. The storyline revolves around the destruction of London due to a massive virus outbreak that causes millions to die and transform into mindless zombies. To save the human race, Zombie Thor must find answers to unlock the hidden truth behind the outbreak and stop the zombies before they spread more.

Zombie Tsunami is similar to other flash game titles adapted for the mobile platform, such as Tower Defense and Hero Mode. Many of the mechanics of the game borrowed heavily from the latter title. The objective of Zombie Tsunami is to guide your character across levels while dealing out injury and destruction to all zombies that you meet along the way. Along the way, you’ll also encounter a wide range of enemy robots who are out to stop the path of humanity.

Like most games in the Zombie Tsunami series, the game is broken up into several parts. The first part, called the prologue, introduces you to the story of Zombie Tsunami and gives you a taste of what is to come. Here, you’ll battle through the first wave of zombies who are running rampant across London. Throughout the prologue, you’ll also learn about some of the different playable characters, each with their special weapons and abilities. These include the combat machine Tungsten Carbide and the pilot, Will Graham, a member of the British Special Forces.

After the prologue, the gameplay in Zombie Tsunami shifts to a chaotic endless runner mode. This mode is similar to the original version of the game but allows you to run through each level multiple times, eliminating all zombies. As in the original, the objective is to prevent all the zombies from reaching the bottom of the screen, but you must also deal with obstacles such as power poles, spikes, thrown objects, pits, and other hazards. When you complete one level, the screen will shift to the next, and you can continue to destroy the zombies as you move on without dying.

Unlike other endless runners, Zombie Tsunami features an infinite horde of zombies, which means you have to make careful and timely moves to stay alive. Naturally, there are several different paths to take, and you may need to split your group up to take on other obstacles at once. If you split your group up too much, you may be overrun and unable to continue, which is why it’s important to think before you move carefully.

In addition to an endless horde of zombies to kill, Zombie Tsunami has several other challenges, including several waves of infected zombies that can attack any players who enter the game. Fortunately, you have the added power of tools such as the Zombie Repeller, Zombie Magnet, and Zombie Annihilator. These tools allow you to slowly destroy the zombies and other obstacles in the wave so that your position becomes secure. You can also use a tool that creates an energy beam, which is useful for quickly pushing yourself over an obstacle that gets close to a group of zombies. As you progress through the game, you’ll find that the more tools you have at your disposal, the more useful these tools are.

As you battle through waves of zombies, waves of obstacles, and even waves of zombies who want to be alone and look for food, you’ll notice that Zombie Tsunami features some great sound effects. The repetitive sounds and pitches of the waves add a sense of reality to the gameplay, as you realize that you’re not out there on a sandy island anymore. Zombie Tsunami sets the stage for one of the best set pieces in the game: a horde of zombies trying to attack an airplane with an anchor. The zombies are relentless, but you don’t have long to make your way to safety before the zombies overtake you.

Zombie Tsunami is a great game for those who like to think of things in terms of survival. It provides plenty of challenges to test your skills, and it’s easy to see why critics have praised this game. It doesn’t take a master to understand what is going on – it’s a game anyone can pick up and play with no prior knowledge. It’s a great action game that will keep you busy for 30 minutes or so. If you have friends who are Into Zombies, you’ll probably want to try Zombie Tsunami as well!

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